The whole of Africa had made an appointment to reward excellence at the Kenyatta International Conference Center, KICC in Nairobi, Kenya. Under the banner of the African Union, the 7th PIDA Week was officially launched by Kenya’s President, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta who was accompanied by the African Union High Commissioner for Infrastructure, Raila Amollo Odinga and former Tanzanian President Jakaya Morisho Kikwete on Monday February 28, 2022.

The Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency, AFTTCC known for its work relating to technical support of the central corridor integrative projects and the advocacy carried out with governments and donors in the mobilization of resources for the development of multimodal infrastructures within the central corridor was one of only 3 African organizations to be awarded across the whole of Africa

The honor was made to the Executive Secretary of the AFTTCC, Captain Dieudonné Dukundane to receive the award. In response to a few on-the-fly questions from the press. Dukundane said:

The award that we have just received here in Nairobi is an award that recognizes organizations and leaders who stand out in preparing projects that attract investors for implementation.

This price is unique and historical for the member countries of the central corridor. This is a strong message to say that investors will find a favorable destination for their investments in road, rail and port projects.

The prize awarded to us stems from the construction and rehabilitation of the road that will link Bukavu to Uvira in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project is beneficial not only for DR Congo but all 5 member countries of the Central Corridor including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda.

To the question of what impact this award would have on the AFTTCC. The Executive Secretary, Dukudanye responded in these terms:

This is very good news for the countries of the Central Corridor; we dedicate this award to them. Obtaining this award sends a strong message to investors in the Central Corridor who will now have to take into account that the AFTTCC is one of the best organizations in Africa.

To close the question and answer session, Dukudanye should do his parting shot

Personally, I am moved by this very significant gesture. This award was granted to only 3 individuals representing 3 organizations in Africa; Being there is a real pleasure for me.

I take this opportunity to congratulate my entire team but also the five member countries of the Central Corridor.


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