From Thursday 19 to Friday 20 May 2022, experts from the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, and those from Rwanda gathered around in Kamembe, Rwanda to discuss the development of mechanisms that can facilitate trade on the Lake Kivu.

These experts reviewed the reports on the implementation of the actions agreed at the first meeting in 2019, and then validated the bilateral agreement for the joint development of the integrated transport program on Lake Kivu.

Named the Integrated Development Transport Project on Lake Kivu, it will enable the two riparian countries to give a boost to their economies and make Lake Kivu a viable commercial line, as underlined by the Executive Secretary of the Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency, CCTTFA, Senior Counsel Flory Okandju Okonge.

We are gathered around the project that we named integrated transport on Lake Kivu. And Lake Kivu is not Rwanda nor the DRC. The purpose of this activity is to study how to develop trade throughout Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu is a natural boulevard that God availed between the DRC and Rwanda, we share that. And the people of the central corridor must benefit. And to benefit from Lake Kivu, transport must be developed. To develop transport and trade, you need good infrastructure,”

Flory Okandju Okonge

The Congolese delegation was led by the Coordinator of the Support and Monitoring Unit for Regional Programs and Transport Corridor Activities, Mr. Roger Biasu.

The group of Congolese experts is made up of delegates from the provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu and the provinces with an interest in Lake Kivu.

By Jerry Nguwa

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