On the sidelines of the 27th United Nations Climate Conference, commonly known as COP27 held in Sharm El Sheick, Egypt, an organization called the African carbon market initiative, an association of carbon credit producers, sellers and buyers that aims for high-integrity carbon production, held its meeting.

This conglomerate of carbon credit operators has come together to discuss a broader carbon market for tens of billions of US dollars or 140 million tonnes to be sold by 2050. A great opportunity for the DRC which can produce up to 20 million tonnes, or half of the African market.

Wildlife Works Carbon operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo under the acronym Era Congo was represented by its founder Mike Korchinsky. Confiding to our editorial desk, he said that wildlife Works Carbone LLC was invited to these meetings for its experience in this area of more than 15 years in Kenya and the DRC.

Wildlife Works Carbon LLC/ ERA Congo is a company that has a lot of proven experience in this field with a policy of proximity for the benefit of local communities.

It has in the past sold more than 13 million tons of carbon credit sold cumulatively since its implementation in the DRC.



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